Robert CS (Bobby) Monks is a real estate developer and entrepreneur highly regarded for his success in attracting capital for a wide range of business ventures.  Bob and his partners have developed a sustainable model for success: sharing the risk and the rewards of business ventures in which they have expertise improves the likelihood of favorable results. He and his partners have founded numerous real estate companies, a commercial bank and the world's largest proxy services company.






Bobby Monks is a founder and active partner in numerous real estate entities.  The market value of the aggregated holdings at any one time exceeds $200,000,000 and more than $750,000,000 in real estate value has been under ownership during the course of the last 20 years. Each partnership pursues highly focused segments of the real estate market including market and subsidized housing, commercial and industrial real estate ownership, property management as well as real estate development across the country.

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Owner & Chairman, Spinnaker Trust

 Spinnaker Trust

Spinnaker Trust is a Maine bank chartered as a nondepository trust company. The firm was founded in December of 2000 as Spinnaker Advisors and began managing assets as Spinnaker Trust in April 2001. Click here to Visit Spinnaker Trust


Owner & Director, Maine Fiber Companyny



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 Director, MaineToday Media, Incnc


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Owner & Director, T3i Group, LLCLC


The T3i Group provides market research, data, analysis, and consulting and advisory services to the telecommunications industry.  It has clients in 46 countries and conducts business through several operating units:

  • InfoTrack publishes reports that analyze shipment, revenue, market share and other pertinent data of importance to telecommunications equipment manufacturers;

  • TelecomTactics, which maintains a database of the features and functionality of major telephony systems;

  • Tarifica maintains a database of pricing-related information covering 400 telecommunications carriers operating in 130 countries;


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Board Member, The Black Point Corporationon


The Black Point Corporation is privately held by the heirs of P. Shaw Sprague to manage its common interests. The primary tie that binds the three generations of family is its ownership of properties in Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough, Maine assembled by Phineas W. Sprague in the early years of the twentieth century. P.W.’s interest in conserving and preserving these properties for the benefit of his descendants led him to place the properties within The Sprague Corporation which he formed in 1920. The mission of the family and Black Point Corporation, which is the owner of The Sprague Corporation, is to continue to fulfill the original vision of P. W. as passed down to us from his son, P. Shaw.  

Former Chairman; Institutional Shareholder Services


ISS was the world's leading provider of proxy voting and corporate governance services. The company served more than 1,000 institutional and corporate clients worldwide with its core business — analyzing proxies and issuing informed research and objective vote recommendations for more than 28,000 companies across 102 markets worldwide.

Bobby and his father (Robert A.G. Monks) were the original directors and operators of ISS, selling the company to Thomson Financial in 1992.  After buying the company back in 2001, Bobby served as Chairman of the Board until January 2007 when the company was sold again to the RiskMetrics Group. 


Founder & Former Chairman; Atlantic Bank, NA

A Maine-based commercial bank, Atlantic Bank, NA was founded by Bob and his partners to serve the southern Maine region. In addition to being the managing partner, Bob served as Chair of the Executive Committee. It was sold to Peoples Heritage Bank having amassed more than $500,000,000 in assets in just three years.





Bobby remains heavily involved in democratic politics both in Maine and nationally.  In 2004 he helped to lead Maine's fundraising efforts for Senator John Kerry.  In 2007 Bobby became Chair of the Obama for Maine Steering Committee which organized (and continues to organize) Maine's campaign and fundraising efforts for the Obama for America campaign.  Under Bobby's leadership Maine's fundraising committee raised record-breaking funds including over $250,000 during the 2007 democratic primary and over $1 Million during the 2008 general election.


After Barack Obama's historic victory, Bobby served on the adminitration's Houssing and Urban Development (HUD) Transition team.  Bobby remains a member of DNC's National Finance Committee and has been a generous supporter of the Maine and National Democratic Committees as well as Maine's Coordinated Campaign and the Democratic House & Senate Campaign Committees.  Bobby's political support and connections to the business community continues to be sought out by any person seeking state, state-wide, or federal office. 


  • Maine Today Media Inc.

  • Maine Fiber Company

  • T3i Group, LLC

  • The Sprauge Corporation (Chairman)

  • Maine Center for Creativity (Advisory Council)


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